February 2018: Interested graduate students should contact Dr. Stachnik concerning potential graduate opportunities beginning in Fall 2018
January 2018: Dr. Stachnik and graduate student Trenton Spencer attended the 98th AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX. Dr. Stachnik gave a talk at the 31st Conference on Climate Variablity and Change entitled, "Tropical and Subtropical Cloud Regimes in MERRA Reanalyses Using an ISCCP Simulator."

Clouds, Climate, and Precipitation

The Stachnik Research Group

The Clouds, Climate, and Precipitation Group studies the dynamics and impacts of clouds and precipitating systems ranging from local to regional and global scales. In particular, our research group focuses on tropical meteorology, climate variability and change, cloud physics and dynamics, mesoscale precipitating systems, multi-scale interactions, with a budding interest in weather, climate, and society. To achieve these goals, we rely on radar and satellite meteorology in addition to investigating large-scale numerical products including reanalyses and global climate models (GCMs).